• Zell Mk4 Ratchet Pruners, Garden Secateurs, Hand Tool, Gardening Gift, Pruning Shears, Best-In-Class

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    • Durability - With Hardened Pins, Bushes And Bolts In All Of The Load Areas, The Mk4 Is The Best Ratchet Pruner On The Market. Other Pruners Have Rivets In The Load Areas Leading To A Much Shorter Life.
    • Easy To Use - Even If You Have Arthritis, Other Hand Problems Or Just Weak Hands You Will Cut Branches You Never Thought Possible.
    • Incomparable Power - Powerful Ratchet Action Gives You More Power When You Need It Most. Will Cut Anything Up To 1.1Inches Thick.
    • Multi-Purpose - Will Trim Small Branches With One Snip Whilst Also Cutting Thick Pieces Of Wood Using The Ratchet Mechanism.
    • Fully Serviceable - No Other Ratchet Pruner Can Be Pulled Apart And Rebuilt Like The Mk4 Pruner, ThatS Because Unlike Other Brands, They Have Bushes And Hardened Pins In The Load Bearing Parts Instead Of Plain Rivets.
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